How to lose weight after 40

How to lose weight after 40 can keep you out of trouble

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Meet the new biological rhythms of your body

Many women after forty years of menopausal changes begin, that is, the body begins to quietly prepare for menopause. Reduced levels of female sex hormones, sometimes disturbed hormonal thyroid. Before the beginning of menopause occurs haphazard release of estrogen.

Unfortunately, these hormones lead to emissions can body insulin insensitivity, insulin and is known to reduce blood glucose levels. This is one of the reasons leading to obesity and diabetes. Also to the accumulation of extra kilos can lead and reduced estrogen levels after menopause. And these hormones improve the metabolic processes in the body.

Compulsory examination by an endocrinologist

The first thing to do – is to be examined by a doctor of the endocrinologist, to make sure that the thyroid hormones are normal, since it reproduces the hormones that regulate metabolism. And if you identify problems, the endocrinologist will adjust these hormones, and thus restore proper metabolism.

Check hormones

If you are overweight, and despite diet and active physical education classes kgs continue to grow, which means there is a problem with hormones. Hormonal disorders – this is one of the most common reasons that prevent women to keep a stable weight. Especially before menopause begins restructuring in the body and hormones begin to “rage.”

Reducing weight will not help nor any diet and exercise. A limitation in food and the endless counting of calories will only aggravate the situation – will appear irritability, irascibility, worsen the quality of sleep.

In order to improve the body’s metabolism and stop the growth of excess weight, we must first establish a hormonal balance, and only then go in for sports and well-balanced nutrition.

How to avoid weight gain during the “raging hormones” read the article Menopause and weight

Adjust the bowels

Foods that we eat contain a lot of harmful substances. That accumulate in the form of toxins in our intestine, disabling our digestive system. Over time this leads to a deterioration in health and weight gain. Colon Cleansing – it is an important and necessary step on the way to harmony, do not forget about it.

Change the power supply system

For successful weight loss must first reduce the intake of animal fats, fast carbohydrates contained in a dough baking, pasta and sweets. And if you can, then completely refuse from sugar – it can be replaced Stevia rebaudiana.

Do not overuse salt food! Salt causes water retention and increases the thirst. Excess liquid not only increases the weight, but also accumulated in the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure.

Remember: food containing high levels of carbohydrates are older very quickly turns into fat.

Do not forget the breakfast – it is important to work the entire body! Do not get nutrients in the morning, the brain will remind about food all day! Unable to withstand the attack, the hand will instinctively reach for candy or sweet sandwich.

Trick your brain, give it a low-calorie food as a light lettuce or a protein shake . After a light breakfast, the body activates metabolic processes and tunes to the active burning calories throughout the day.

At dinner, too, or any fatty foods, only a light meal. And forget about the rule of “do not eat after 18-00”. If you come home from work later than six in the evening, make sure you have a snack before bedtime.

One can not lies at all fasted. Remember, full sound sleep does not happen on an empty stomach. A good night’s sleep – this is another goal to strive towards a stable weight.

Another of the key conditions, in order not to gain weight is to reduce daily calorie intake. To reduce the need to once every five years to two hundred calories. For example, thirty-five years of daily calories may be two thousand calories. One thousand eight hundred calories a day – at forty, and after forty-five years – not more than one thousand six hundred calories. If you follow this rule, the weight will not increase.

nutrition for weight loss after 40The food during the meal need to chew slower, the better. This feeling of satiety comes quickly and you will not overeat.

To help stay slim can tincture of Aralia. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. She is drunk three times a day before meals for forty – thirty drops. Periodically Tropicana this infusion, you get rid of hormonal disorders.

Another good stimulant of female hormones is licorice root . ┬áIs it like this: one tablespoon of herbs is poured three hundred millilitres of boiling water. After a twenty-minute infusion drink the infusion to a meal at one-third cup, three times a day for a month. The only contradiction – hypertension.

And enter into your diet more protein foods such as fish and chicken.

Observe the water balance

With age, the skin becomes more dry, because moisture in it begins to be kept worse. This is fraught with the appearance of new wrinkles and thickening of the blood, which can then lead to the formation of thrombi and blocking of vessels. To avoid this, you need to follow the water balance.

To do this the day to drink two, but if this is difficult for you, then one and a half liters of water, provided of course, that you have no problems with the kidneys. Also it is important for weight loss. Are rapidly excreted toxins, breaks down fats and as a consequence, improve the work of the internal organs, which support metabolism.

Each person has their own rate of water consumption, it all depends on lifestyle, season, age, and even a variety of reasons. This is what I wrote in the article, when and how much water should you drink a day

Eliminate insomnia

Each active woman after forty years, faced with the problem of falling asleep, and sometimes insomnia. This happens not only because of the stress or the presence of problems, but also because of the emerging problems of the physical plane – such as snoring, pain, back pain, spasm and so on, which prevent a good night’s sleep.

Researchers University of California found that the night’s sleep is a major factor in weight loss. Studies have shown that defective sleep or the lack of it personally associated with an increase in body weight due to the action of hormones: gremlin and leptin, which control satiety and hunger.

If you do not fill up, it increases levels of gremlin and leptin levels drop. As a result, it increases the feeling of hunger and lack of sleep the body begins to compensate for the food, but still a high-calorie.

Poor quality of sleep can be fraught with a set of extra weight. Another study showed that during sleep metabolic processes in the body are more active. The more we sleep, the more activated the mechanism of fat burning.

Also, you do not need to overeat at night, because the calories that we get before bedtime burned more slowly. And what do we see: the older we get, the harder it is to have a restful sleep and sleepless night helps set of extra kilo. What to do? drastic measures should be taken and the fight for healthy sleep in all possible ways.

Find a way to overcome depression and stress

Do you often feel nervous or suffer from depression? Then forget about harmony. Stress has a negative effect on the digestive system, which is either actively starts or stops altogether.

Malfunctions of the digestive system leads to poor absorption of food, bloating and abdominal bulging. In addition, depression and stress increase the need for sugary and high-calorie food.

No need to immediately run to the drugstore and pharmacy drugs to stuff yourself, fill your diet with natural antidepressant from this list and depression will be over.

Forget the strict diets and rapid weight loss

About any sudden and rapid weight loss after forty can be no question! Only gradual weight loss! At this age, the skin is not so much on the elastic to withstand sudden changes in weight, and will repay the formation of new wrinkles.

Also, a sharp decrease of nutrients leads to the development of new diseases. Normal healthy weight loss – a reduction of body weight per kilogram per week, 04.05 kilos per month. Do not turn yourself into a dried dried fruit.

Review your medications

Taking certain medications can affect obesity indirectly. For example, anti-allergic and hypnotics cause drowsiness and fatigue. As a result of reduced daily consumption of calories, leading to weight gain.

Anti-ulcer drugs and antidepressants affect appetite. And increased appetite obvious weight loss enemy.

The dramatic weight gain can be expected from taking the drugs, accelerating the process of ovulation. In this case, to help reduce the weight of increased physical activity.

If you notice that the reception of a drug weight begins to increase, replace it with another, more suitable for your body.

Take last sports

There is a dogma that is known athletes: the more muscle mass, the more efficient your metabolism to burn fat. But natural aging tends to loss of muscle mass, which is replaced by fat with age.

This is a signal that you need to work on mobilization of muscle building. And quite simply start to engage in physical exercise. Pick suitable for a complex exercise and begin muscle training. By supporting muscle system in good shape, you can reduce the volume of the figures and avoid obesity.

Eat foods help burn fat

There are a number of foods that you can eat as much as necessary is not recovering, moreover, they are pushing the body to burn fat. View a list of pushing in weight loss products can be in this article .

In conclusion, I want to say that in his youth, when we were twenty or thirty years, the nature gives us youth, health, beauty and good shape for free. And when we are already over forty, then to get it all – you need to work hard. Weight loss after 40 is not the only one concept – “seal the mouth with tape.”

Exercise and strict diet are powerless, if the body is clogged with toxins, food waste and can not function normally. Also, neither a super food diet will not help to stay slim in the presence of diseases. Keep track of your health and be the envy of slim young!