How to lose weight after pregnancy

weight lose after pregnancy

Five months after birth – and you are still miles away from the pre-baby body? No reason for panic: losing weight after pregnancy takes its time.

Gertenschlank, Heidi Klum just danced a few weeks after the birth of her fourth child over the catwalks – clearly that fresh-bred mums there a completely wrong idea of ​​how fast the slimming after pregnancy folds! The fact is that 13 kilos or more in the pregnancy were increased, will not disappear. If they do not, the body needs a little fat so that mom and baby are well supplied with all the nutrients. This is especially true when breastfeeding.

A positive message in advance: Shortly after the birth the freshly baked mama is about six kilos lighter. This weight loss results from the weight of the child, along with fruit water, placenta and blood. The remaining pounds unfortunately disappear not so fast. This is largely due to the fact that the body has already created emergency reserves for lactation. Breastfeeding is a fairly strenuous affair for a mom. In order to provide them and the child with all important nutrients, the body provides.

Small tip: Breastfeeding is a real miracle remedy for weight loss after pregnancy. Each day the mama has an additional calorie requirement of about 400 to 500 kcal. This means you can eat quite normally and gradually take off completely by itself. But: If you’re breastfeeding, you should not make any crash kills or starve. You and the baby will not be supplied with all the nutrients. In addition, the body attacks the fat reserves. In itself perfect, but harmful substances are integrated in the fetish cells. They are released when the body goes to the fat reserves and get over the mother’s milk into the baby’s body.

How fast the slimming after the pregnancy folds is very different from woman to woman. On average you should expect a good nine months, until you have your old weight again. And even then it can be good that the abdomen is not quite as tight as before pregnancy.


Here are the 7 best tips to help you lose weight after your pregnancy: 

  1. Do not be angry:

No one expects that a freshly baked mama is going to get rid of all babies again a few weeks or months after birth. Therefore, do not set too high goals, rather be happy about the offspring and enjoy the first months with the baby.

  1.  Watch out for regular meals:

A baby turns your life upside down. Getting a routine is hard. Many moms eat very irregularly and especially things that go fast and fill. This often means abundant superfluous calories. If you want to speed up weight loss after your pregnancy, you should first structure your meals better. You are less likely to suffer from hot hunger if you eat three large and two small meals.

  1. Cook as often as you can:

Pastries, sweets, cakes or sandwiches : all this goes fast and is therefore liked by many mothers. In these foods are however some extra calories. Facilitate the weight loss after pregnancy and try to cook as often as possible . This is hard, because time and energy are missing most. Take the time, put on your partner and then cook quick, simple dishes in larger portions, which you just have to freeze. Here are some ideas for simple, fast recipes

  1. Do not snack constantly:

If you are breastfeeding, you can eat more than 500 kcal a day: Many mamas like to grab chocolate bars and coctail as a snack. Stop this if you want to get rid of your Babypfunde. The caloric content of small bars is often underestimated. Look at the nutritional values! You prefer eating healthy intermediate meals such as natural yoghurt with fruit, vegetable sticks or a sandwich.

  1. Move regularly:

The fewest mothers have time to go to the sport. You do not even have to run into the fitness studio if you want to speed up the weight loss after pregnancy. Starts six weeks after giving birth with a re-education course. This is important for the pelvic floor muscles to be strengthened. Pay attention to sufficient movement in everyday life. Makes daily longer walks. If the baby is a bit older and you want to exercise, you should find together with your partner time window, where you can jog or go to the gym. Great are synonymous DVDs or workouts from the Internet, which you can at any time in the living room before TV or PC can make when the baby sleeps. Here you can find some great exercises to train your belly muscles

  1. Get free to relax:

The child sleeps finally: Now is cleaned, washed, tidy … Sure you want to use this time, but you just sit on the sofa. Stress is poison if you want to lose weight. If stress hormones are constantly present in the body, fat is absorbed on the abdomen – and that is exactly what you want to get rid of. So take regular breaks and time only for you. Come down, relax. Then the pounds disappear completely.

  1. Try to get as much sleep as possible:

Sweets provide for fast energy: that is why they are particularly eaten when you are tired. Many fresh-baked moms eat lots of sweets – and are having trouble with weight loss after pregnancy. Do not have large supplies at home that helps. More importantly: try to get as much sleep as possible. This is difficult with a baby – no question. But try to sleep together with the child as often as possible. It does not matter if the housework is left behind.


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